Hi, I’m Nina

I’m 17, live in Europe and love doing art (mostly photography and sketching but I like to write too) and I read a lot. 

I like straightforward and natural people, showing themselves as they are (even if flawed), and I myself try to be as honest as possible. I love to hear people I like talk about their lives and give them advice; and it’s true that I prefer silence to conversation. But, don’t get scared, dear pen-pal, I love having conversations with strangers, especially on another continent and get to know about their daily lives. 

I speak English, French and German, but would prefer having pen-pals speaking in English, as I am going to study in England next year.

What I’m looking for in a pen-pal, is for her/him to be imperfect, as confused as a teenager should be, and bored and weird enough to want to be my internet friend c:

Here’s my Tumblr if you want to check out my photographical interests. but I do post some weird stuff. oh well. 

Message me your e-mail address with a small descriptive on Tumblr if you still want to be my pen-pal :–) 

x N

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