Hi my name is Erica


I am a trans woman of 29 (as of June) and I live near fort with in Texas, USA 

I am looking for a snail mail pen pall to share with and hopefully develop a lasting friendship.

I have fewer requests tan most but here they are

1. Be over 18 and preferably over 21 as a person of almost 30 any thing under that can become problematic.
2. Be honest, you don’t have to invent yourself for me or anyone else.
3. I applaud you for your religious convictions, please do not force them on me.

4. Don’t ask for money, I’m broke I live from paycheck to paycheck, enough said!

I love to write, but from time to time you might get a typed letter, reason why is I do have arthritis and sometimes I need to dictate it to my computer, and also I have a beautiful antique typewriter that I like to use from time to time. I do like sending pictures back-and-forth it is not something required nor do I insist upon it but just know that eventually you’re going to get pictures from me and I would love to see pictures from you, to get started

email me at ericmcog @ gmail .com if you are interested.

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