Hi there!


Hello! My name is Malaivee, you can called me Mew. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.

I love music (Pop punk, Punk Rock, Post Hardcore, Folk Punk.), books (I read GoT, LoTR, Murakami’s), looking at beautiful sky or space picture (here in tumblr), dogs, foods (Thai, Mexican), the internet.
I hate reptiles.

I’m looking for these people to be my penpals 🙂

1. Anybody who match my music taste. (Message me for more details 🙂
2.  Anybody who is studying music in College or University. (I’m studying at College of Music here in Thailand)
3. Anybody who has came/is coming to Thailand, want to learn thai language or interested in thai cultures.

If you’d like to have me as your penpal but you aren’t one of these 3 you can message me anyway! btw most of my penpals quit writing after 1-2 letters so please promise me you won’t quit, haha.

Please contact me on Tumblr (malaivee.tumblr.com/)
 or tweet me @mewinspace (I will answer faster on Twitter)

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