Name: Holly
Age: 15
Country: England
Languages: English, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Hebrew

Interests and About:
Literature, especially poetry! I have an interest in politics and philosophy too. Lots of topics pique my interest. I frequently hike and camp and get outdoors a lot too. Tea is life, as are cats, anime, and animal crossing. I learn lots of languages on the side of French and German at school, so I’m open to many backgrounds!

Age range: 15 – 18
Country: Any!

Anything else (gender/ sexuality etc.) I’m not picky about!

Mail or Snail mail?: Either! Snail is a preference though! I buy lots of stationary to write letters with and like sending gifts occasionally!
I can also be messaged through my tumblr ( @einsamchen ) to sort out details!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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