What’s up, what’s up? My name is Louise, I am 22 and from South Australia. Yes, I ride a kangaroo to school every day and stop and pat all the Koalas along the way 😉 Just kidding, but how cool would that be.

I’m a very laid back, loving and cheeky person. I love making people laugh and having deep conversations. My favourite music artist of all time is the one and only Queen Beyonce. Lord have mercy, she is just everything. So if you don’t like her, I probably won’t like you… Okay, I lie. But she is my life, hey. I also love Years & Years, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Paramore.

Favourite tv shows include The Walking Dead, Suits, Supernatural and my all time favourite movie is probably Hot Rod – cool beans 😉 

I love making new friends, writing letters and I’m totally down to send parcels and what not once we get to know each other. I’ll send you some vegemite, people say it’s gross but it’s actually delicious OKAY.

So message me on my Tumblr and let’s get writing! I’ll even write you first. 

Ps. I have one blue and one green eye. 


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