Men and women – friendship?

Men and women have different demands on a friendship. This shows a summary trial in which 37 studies were analyzed with a total of more than 8800 subjects. Females lay thus more emphasis on trust, loyalty, self-opening and togetherness than men. At the same time counts in male friendships even if the other has something to offer: Is the friend wealthy, fit, attractive or intelligent?

Even at school age the differences begin. Adolescent girls evaluate their friendships more highly than boys the same age. They open more often to their friends tend to react to feelings and needs of others connect with their friends more positive and less negative feelings. A pattern hardly changes in adulthood.

Little wonder then that women often experience less fulfilling than the friendship of a man, whereas men appreciate a good friend at her side more than male allies. A mixed-gender research team from the USA summarized his study findings as follows: “A friendship that involve at least one woman is more satisfying than friendships that do not offer that.”

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