Men + Women = friends – can it really work?

Now think times briefly to her closest friends, say the top 5 on the people with whom you can go through thick and thin, with which you can perform many serious and open conversations where you always feel at home. If you are a man: How many of them are women? If you are a woman: how many are men? Correct, the least. About 90 percent of our friends are not just like us when it comes to attitude, interests and values. They also have the same sex.

Why this is so and whether perhaps is a good thing, scientists are exploring only a few years. Men and women can be friends, which are at least four out of five adults safe. Nevertheless, these interpersonal connections are rare – and be watched closely. Men + Women = friends – can it really work? The research shows that skepticism is not unwarranted.

One thought on “Men + Women = friends – can it really work?

  1. Men and women can only be friends if they leave in two different countries with no chance of meeting. If they meet in person, the pheromones will flow!

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