age:18 (19 in June)

Country: Califorina,US

Languages: English

Likes: Books,travel,art,panting,photography,nature,yoga,sketching,Film. Anything artsy basically.

Personal message: Hello I’m Leah-Hope, I’m hoping to look for a Snail Mail & Art Pen Pal I have never done this before and I hope that i can find someone that will write and send art work with me (: Well I should probably tell you about myself now. I am into art i love everything about it. i paint, draw, and do photography, once in a while i can create jewelry, i am a very artsy person and if i put my mind to it i can try my best to create it . I rather spend my days outside in the earths beautiful nature and hike wherever I can find peace and silences and capture its lovely beauty. I’m a big fan of going to garage sales or thrift stores and finding things i like its best to recycle 😀 I Love going into books stores and getting lost in all the books i find, i can spend hours just looking at everything that captures my eye. That is probably very random but its something from the heart (:

You can contact me through tumblr:
Email: Ldool0605 @ gmail . com

Random fact: I am a christian but I am very acceptable to everyone I meet. I rather love everyone i meet (: that is how i was raised. I also have two first names sooo yeahh haha. 

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