Hello 😀 I’m Ainsley, 19 year old person from New York. I spend my time reading, studying, writing, and going on walks. I’m also into nature, travel, fashion, and comedy. I’m learning Italian, so it would be cool to be pen-pals with someone who is also learning, or someone who is fluent. I’m also planning on learning Esperanto. I’m a pretty positive person in real life, despite the vibe my tumblr may give off :p

I’d like potential pen-pals to sixteen to twenty-two years old (you know, more of a chance of relating to each other). I’m from the US, but am cool with anyone from Canada or Europe as well. Right now, I’m looking to communicate through email (and tumblr), but maybe Skype once we get to know each other a bit better. Just looking for a friend here.

My tumblr is aninternetplace.tumblr.com 

My email is mostlyontheinternet @ gmail .com

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