name: Rafaela


where you live: Greece

your interests: I’m 200% cat person. i love  their cute little furry paws. hah. But I’m an animal lover in general. I love art. i draw and play the guitar so my letters will probably be full of dump little drawings. I’m also a chocolate maniac. nothing makes me more happy than chocolate. oh and cute little stuffed animals. i have so many and they are never enough.

I also speak Greek and English and very few German and Swedish.

Music: I listen pretty much to everything except death metal stuff. and also i DONT really like teen pop such as Justin Bieber. 

Tv shows: I’m literally obsessed with Law & Order: SVU . I do watch all kind of detective/crime show though. I think I’m the only person in this world who doesn’t watch GOT hah.

your perfect pen pal: Someone between 16-20. Any gender or country but has to speak English. I do hate homophobics/racists so don’t be one. but you can be a member of lbtq community thats absolutely fine with me.

email : rafaela86@windowslive.com

kik/twitter/IG: raffykai

You can check I’m IG for a picture x

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