Name: Shelby
Age: 26
Country: Indiana, USA
Gender: female
Languages: English

Hobbies: Crafts; focusing currently on embroidery/cross stitch and im trying to learn to sew. I also love historical fiction, historical/traditional fashion from all over the world, video games (notably WoW and Pokemon) I try to grow plants, and i collect tea cups. I can basically recite every Office episode ever. Also I love to draw ladies, pin ups are a passion for me.

Personal message: My list of hobbies and interests can never be fully listed, I love all sorts of things from baking to gardening to dystopian novels and being parts of fandoms. I want to have a few good pen pals, to share just sort of daily life, fun things and pretty letters with. I am oddly shy though over email, but i adore letters. Send me a note about you, provide me a mailing address and i will send over a small card straight away to start things off. I mean it, it will post within a day or two, I have loads of time. Also we can get to know each other via tumblr 🙂

I am married, with no children, unless you count my cats. If you like cats i have three, and i WILL send pictures of them! Only if you want though.

Please contact me through my tumblr – rishnea.tumblr.com or email (rishnea @ gmail . com)

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: I suppose i don’t have a preference? 
Gender: Female preferred 
Age group: 18+ basically around my age
Languages: English, sorry i dont know any other!

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