Internet friends?


Hello, my names olivia, i’m british and i love yorkshire tea!

Im 14 and I’m lesbian 

Bands I listen to

My Chemical Romance (my life)

Green Day

The Arctic Monkeys


Bring Me The Horizon

Taylor Swift

Pierce The Veil

Panic! at the disco

Fall Out Boy


Falling In Reverse

Shows I watch:

Orange is the new black<3 (I have a huge crush on Alex Vause)

The Walking Dead


The inbetweeners


Social Media:

kik: thathappygirl13 (i know, cringy name)

Tumblr: bringmesykes

I dont want to send mail as im always broke, but i can skype or oovoo if i get to know you c;

I totally support equality for all.

I have a pretty dark sense of humor but i wont try to upset you or anything.

I’d love to get to know someone who is 14-18

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