Hey guys my name is Zoey
Im 15 years old and I’m from New York in the US.

Interests: So music wise I’m pretty much 99% into bands. Pretty much the basic ones like ptv, sws, omam, bmth, adtr, attila, real friends, and some others i can’t think of at the moment. Also don’t judge but i like one direction too ahaha… But I’m always open to listening to your favorite stuff too.
Fav movies- I’m not really a big movie fan but i can honestly watch both Kill Bill volumes on repeat and never get tired of them
Tv shows- My favorite tv show is How I Met Your Mother, but other than that i watch pretty little liars, orange is the new black, and American horror story ( again thats all the stuff i can think of ) i also like anime but the only ones i really love is Death Note and Ouran High School Host Club.

I would prefer if i had something in common with my pen pal/ internet friends so it would be easier to talk about things and so we would get bored of each other. So if there isn’t something you see on my interests that stands out to you, still message me!! We can probably find something in common! (Hopefully)

Social Media:
Tumblr –
Kik- h00dratt ( if you use this just tell me that you got my kik from here lol )
Instagram – @http.trrash
Email – zoeyskyee

Extra info: So i only speak English ahah sorry. Ummm I’m looking for anyone between 14 and 17? I guess ahaha male or female. We can send letters back and forth and/or we can just be internet friends and talk through text and other stuff. If it means anything to know my sexuality, I’m a Panromantic. Ohh and sorry this is so long…. I tend to over write things.

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