Hello! My name is Katia and I am a 15 year old girl who lives in Minnesota in the United States

I can speak English and Russian (kind of) and am currently learning Spanish and Chinese (I’m in the preliminary stages)

My interests include drawing, painting, fashion, running, taking personality quizzes, and finding random and interesting things on the inter webs

I’m very fond of all things cute and all things creepy

I’m not a fan of sports or reading, though I do like to work out and think of concept ideas for stories

I’m looking for a penpal from all across the country and globe between the ages of 14 and 18, gender doesn’t matter.

I’d be interested in doing a culture exchange with someone from South Korea, Japan, or Singapore because I will be traveling to one or all of those countries in the next year. But if you’re not from those countries, doing a culture exchange with you will still be fun!

We can email, Skype, send snail mail and packages , and/or trade art ^_^

Please email me at cute.knopka at
if interested in being my penpal!

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