Hello Tumblr People!


My name is Leah Cecilia, Im almost 18 years old and an Irish girl. Im in my final year of school and will be starting college next september to do advertising and marketing communications 🙂 I love loadsss of things and dislike very few, and if you’re curious as to what these “things” are, you can find out here –>

But for a short version..

I like: Mermaids, blue and purple, tea, tv shows, dresses, tulips, weddings, winter clothes, airports, xrays, toast, kids, candles and scrunchies.

I dislike: butterflies, seafood, pink wedding, spanish elevators.

A few facts about me just so you get a feel for what im like:

  • I have a tiny tattoo on my left wrist of a heart, and my daddy got a matching one <3 and another on my right of a bird that i got matching with my boyfriend 🙂 Think its time to get myown.
  • I have a boyfriend named Michael and we’ve been together since 07/08/11
  • I hope to get a small dog (yorkie) when i move out.
  • Im a TV show binge watcher
  • Im a hard worker and a big dreamer, with no shame <3
  • I want to be penpals with someone who genuinely wants to get to know me, and will really let me get to know them 🙂

Im looking for someone whos open to emailing for a while first, because at the moment im swamped trying to study for exams, but then move onto snail mail 🙂

My ideal penpal/email friend would be aged 17-20 and be from america,england, or anywhere where english is the main language because unfortunately my brain does this thing where when im reading broken english if shuts off and i cant respond and i get frustrated that my brain cant accept the broken english </3 someone whos willing to include pictures and little items in the post when we move onto penpalling, and someone who is going to be a friend to me and i can be a friend to them and we can tell secrets and have virtual pillow fights <3 haha.

If you’re interested, message me  and if for whatever reason i dont reply in like 2 days, message me again because sometime my messages dont come through </3

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