Looking for a PenPal!

My name is Rebecca I am from Connecticut, USA and I am 21 years old, turning 22 next month! 

I am looking for someone who is interested in either snail mail or email. Someone who is between 21-25 years old and someone from the US, Europe, AUS, or NZ. Here’s a bit about me…

I am currently a student with a year left of schooling, I am getting my degree in Communications. I work as a Nanny and Substitute Teacher, when I am not working or doing school work I enjoy going out with friends and just hanging out and watching movies and shows.

LikesI love watching movies and tv, I mostly watch comedies. Some of my favorites at the moment are Community, Veep, Parks & Rec, and Girls. I love music and listen to almost anything from rap to country and everything in between. I love to read, right now I’m reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I enjoy nail art, I am a bit crazy about painting my nails lol I do them like 3 times a week.
DislikesCannot really think of anything at the moment besides like bugs, so I don’t know what to write.

So yeah if you want to be pen-pals send me a message on here, Tumblr, with a bit about yourself! Can’t wait to talk! 🙂


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