Hey guys, my name is Jessica and I would love to have a pen pal. I’m 18 (19 in may) and from Iowa. Maybe we can start off with email/tumblr and then once we get more comfortable we can start mailing each other letters, maybe send small gifts on special days. 

About me: I’m currently enrolled in a community college and I’ll hopefully graduate with my AA degree by the end of this year. Im hoping to work my way towards my dream job (Mental Health Counselor). I speak English and a little but of Spanish. I would be willing to learn another language and help others learn English.

  I occasionally smoke here and there, I love to write poems, watch movies, netflix, play instruments, think, listen to others stories/experiences. I love it when people ask me questions. I tend to be an open book if I can trust you. 

What I want from a pen pal: I would love to get close to a stranger who can share similar thoughts yet still show me a different perspective of the world. Someone who will be open minded and not afraid to share what’s going on.

 Age: Does not matter but 18+ is preferred. 

Location: Anywhere and everywhere is accepted, it would be cool to have someone from outside the USA tho 

 P.S. I believe in equality! Whether it be your ethnicity, beliefs, or sexual orientation. I have lots to share, so don’t be shy and send me a message.

Inbox me for my email 🙂

Instragram/Snapchat: SimplyMi22

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