Pen Pal Anyone?


My Name is Torrie, I am 16, and I live in Portland, OR USA.  I would love to make a new friend from around the world! I don’t care what country! I just want to talk and learn about somebody around my age living in a completely different society.  Sorry, I’m not multilingual, I speak English and I know basic French, trying to get better at it though. I want to travel! Someday I want to live in Europe or Africa. 

I love dancing, golf, yoga, tea, science, TV shows (like Walking Dead, Sherlock, SNL, Downton Abbey, a lot of comedies, etc…)  I like to think I’m outgoing and openminded, so I’m open to new things. 

We can snail mail, email, send packages, whatever! Let’s just learn! To set up some logistics, you can contact me by email, tumblr, or instagram.



Instagram: tdogthestar

Let’s Explore!

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