Email Pal


Hi, I am Neha Chawla, 23 year old from India. I have been wanting a pen pal/email pal since quite sometime now. I need someone who is dedicated and will exchange emails on daily basis.

My passion: Photography, Dancing and Sketching.

I am in this constant phase of improving myself and now I have started reading.. trying to develop reading habit. 

I believe in zodiac signs. I’m a Gemini and I have those gemini instincts of getting bored easily, vivid mind, multi-tasker. But also the edgy, talkative, passionate, indecisive and versatile.

Anyway, I really would my email pal to be a very liberal person, non judgmental, interesting and honest. 

And that’s it. So yea.. come be my email pal! 

Also, you could contact me here: chawla.neha19 @  

P.S: I love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S .. it’s one of the things which brightens up my mood. 

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