hey cool cats

my name is frankie, i am 17, and i live in washington state!  i am transmale and pansexual.  i only speak english.

some of my interests:

i love my baebae, but i also love mac demarco.  i also like cooking vegan things, reading, and doing artsy stuff, or even art in general.  i also love indie movies and bands.  and honestly, indie movies are just so unique and great?  like frank (w michael fassbender), electrick children, and a lot more others.  

i guess my perf pen pal would be someone who’s super chill and lives in the US!  also, pleasepleasepleaseeeaseeeee only snail-mail penpalling!  thanks 🙂

if you’re interested, you can message me on my blog!: mac-demarc-gogh

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