Looking for some new pals!


Hey guys! My name is Josée, I’m 17 and I live in Canada! I’m fluent in french and english, learning spanish and a little bit of dutch. 

I like visual arts, music, theatre, books, netflix, travelling, ukulele, learning new things, languages, etc.

I’ll go into detail when we become friends, I don’t wanna spoil everything!

To get to the point, I’m looking for a new penpal. Wether its Art Pals, (we can make each other postcards), email buddy, snail mail, anything! I’d prefer in the age range of 17-19? I really just want some new friends!

Sorry this submission wasn’t super awesome! I hope to hear from some of you guys 🙂

fun fact: my favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh

You can contact me by email : findjojo @live.ca
or my tumblr : simplyjonesie.tumblr.com

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