snail mail please


Hi, my name is Emily, im 16 years old, snd i live in california. I’ve never posted on here before so I’m not completely sure how it works, but I’ll do myou best.

I love listening to music, and watching pepole play music (especially piano) but I can’t play any instrumentsports or sing. I mainly listen to alternative/punk type music? I’m not really sure what to call it, ststuff like bmth, ptv, as it is, avenged 7 fold, five finger death punch, mayday parade, atl, & a bunch more. Oh, and i like some clasic rock.

Im terrible at talking about my hobbies when people ask because im never really sure what to say because i dont do a whole lot. Umm, let’s just say tumblr, YouTube (watching it, I don’t make videos), and nature stuff?

So I’m looking for someone to send snail mail, letters, maybe small gifts (depends on shipping costs) I would like someone who is comfortable talking abut life. Anything from how your week is going, to the inevitability of death. Preferably I would like someone who is 15-17 or 18, any gender or sexuality is okay. 

 Sorry I can’t add a picture bc I’m on mobile, but I’ll send u a pic if u kik me @ memily27, or email me @

oh, also sorly if this ended up too long or don’t quite make sense, it’s 4am & I’m probably rambling. 

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