Name: June
Age: 19
Country: France
Gender: female
Languages: French & English
Interests/Hobbies: youtube, reading, listening to music, waching movies, writing, traveling, learning new stuff, art, museums, vintage things
Personal message: Hi everyone ! So I’m June and I am currently studying English culture & literature at uni. I love talking to new people and learning about new cultures so feel free to send me an email or leave me a message on my tumblr! I am usually a nice person who loves to joke. I have an opinion on anything haha, so if you want to debate about something then i’m the right girl for it! I would love to find a penpal because i had some when i was younger and i always loved it.

If you want to know a little more about me : my favourite band is Arctic Monkeys but I listen to pretty much any genre, i absolutely love watching movies and series, so if you do too then we’ll probably get along well. 

I also enjoy making videos on Youtube, I’ve started recently even if that was something I wanted to do since 2009 but i never had the guts to do it, besides my English wasn’t that good enough at that time (yeah because I do film my videos in English haha)

So anyway, I’m here if you want a snail mail penpal, or just emails, or even just talking on social medias… Just send me a message and i’ll answer straight away!

Contact info (email or Tumblr): or

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: any, but UK, Ireland or USA would be appreciated
Gender: any
Age group: any
Languages: English & French
Email, snail mail or both: both
Anything else: if you have a weird sense of humor then we’ll probably get along!

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