Hi all! 🙂

Name: Candice

Age: 25

Country: South Africa

Gender: Female

Languages: English

Interests/Hobbies: snailmailing, emailing, writing, coffee and tea, I love vintage! and collecting vintage items, watching series, cheese, languages, nail art, painting my nails, psychology, arts n crafts, chocolate, being creative, daydreaming.

About me: I am currently in my 3rd year of studying BA Sport Recreation and Exercise Science. I major in psychology and sport management. I looove the anticipation of waiting for a letter in my mail or waiting on an email. it’s exciting. I like to think of myself as an oldschool gal. I might be starting to believe in reincarnation :/ I would love to travel the world someday.

My perfect pen pal: Someone who shares similar interests as me, but it does’nt matter if you don’t. I’m open-minded. I’m also interested in learning new languages and learning about different cultures. Please no satanists, Anti-Christs, or creepos.
Countries: Any (I would love to write to someone from California or Florida, because I’d like to hear all about it)

Gender: Female

Age group: 23 – 30

Languages: English

Email, snail mail, or both: Both

Contact info (Email or Tumblr): tenaciousvintagedreamer.tumblr.com or Candice_26@hotmail.com

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