My name is Amy (Jessa) and I’m 19 almost 20 from New Zealand.

I like well…a lot of things. Um I’m into photography, painting, writing, baking. Yeah very creativey things. I like all kinds of series from Game of Thrones to Quite Interesting with Stephen Fry. Space interests me and traveling too. LOVE youtubers 😀

I dislike um spiders, creepy things, scary stuff…you know the usual. I don’t really have any unusual dislikes.

Things I’m looking for in a penpal: Just like snail mailing with the occasional package. To learn about you as a person and your culture or what you know about it. Also if your keen to swap art or whatever they call it, I’m down for that too. Um and preferably not from America, as I already have two from the same state there.

Url is:
 or email l.i.v.e.a.l.o.v.e.l.i.f.e @ gmail. com

Cheers! Oh and a random fact is I’m having a baby in August 😀

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