Hello, my name is Andrea, I am 20 years old, I am from Saskatchewan, Canada, and I am currently looking for a snail mail pal, a skype friend, a cultural exchange, or maybe even a package exchange!

I am “technically” a professional actor (really, I’m a tour guide, haha) and an English major and Psychology minor. I love books (I will read almost anything), writing, gardening, painting, ceramics, photography, watching musicals and plays, Netflix, fashion, interior design dogs and cats, and travelling. A few of my favourite shows are The Mindy Project, Friends, Orange is the New Black, and The Amazing Race.

Cultural exchange wise I think it would be really wonderful to be paired with someone from Germany. I took a few German language courses in earlier years of university, and I would like to learn more and relearn what I’ve forgotten. I’ve travelled all over most of Western Canada, so for anyone who is interested at all in Canada I have a lot to offer! 

But even if you are not from Germany, I would still be interested in being a snail mail buddy, skype friend, package pal, etc! I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures and locations than my own. 

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