Name: Annie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Wales (UK)
Occupation: College student
Languages: English
About Me: I’m pretty easy going and like the idea of having a penpal, hoping to broaden my horizons a little bit
Interests: Comics (DC is my favourite but I do enjoy Marvel) music- any type of music, I’m open minded when it comes to that, films (especially ones that make you think, reading, walking, I play a bit of Xbox too but don’t have Xbox love which sucks
Hobbies: I’m pretty good at drawing and making things.
Favourite song: right now? Murther by letlive… All time favourite has to e Bohemian Rhapsody by queen.
Movies: one of my favourites is Red lights, and I absolutely adore The Dark Knight… But I also love Disney movies.
Books: thrillers, loved the Hannibal Lector books 
Television: GoT, Supernatural, the walking dead, Gotham etc etc etc
What You Are Requesting:
Do you want emails? Sure
Do you want snail-mail? Sure, but I’d like to start with email or tumblr first
Length of letters? Depends on the person I suppose!
How quick are you to respond? Pretty quick
Male or Female? either
Age? 17-19From where? Anywhere, but it’d be really cool to have a penpal from Canada, I’m hoping to go there someday
What are you looking for with your pen pal? Friendship
Contact details:

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