About me: I’m 17 and a senior in high school. love so many things, there isn’t really anything I don’t like! I have an open mind, I love being creative. I love the outdoors and I’m all about being yourself! I don’t discriminate at all and I want to know people of all over the world! I should say that I am gay and have a girlfriend of two years (just for those who care about that kind of stuff!)

Pen-pals I’m looking for: Someone who will stay consistent with writing back for a long term! Someone who has a lot to talk about and doesn’t let the conversation die easily.I’m a very creative person and always add little quirks to my letters and I would love someone who does the same! I prefer snail mail and a lot of times I will send packages!(:

I’m always in a good mood, I love meeting new people! Tell me your story, anything about you because I’m 110% sure that I will be interested!

Lets be friends?(:

 Sorry for submitting twice, the other one didn’t have a picture!

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