Name: Pilahi
Age: 23
Gender: non binary
Location: California, USA
Language: English

About: Just an a Hawaiian mixed person trying to finish up college without going into debt. I also like call my 4 cockatiels chickens.

Likes: Hooping, Hula, gardening, cooking, tv, nintendo ds, ps3, doodling, paganism, occult studies, diy beauty, music, reading, writing, herbalism, TEA, cats, dogs, parrots, birds of prey, Hawaii, swimming, the beach, camping, music, baking, art
Dislikes: Bell peppers, extremists, homophobia, transphobia, clutter, double standards, dolls (they creep me out), mirrors that face the bed (creeps me out even more)

What I’m looking for in a penpal:

  • Location: Any 
  • Gender: Any as long as you don’t ID as male (I’m sorry, men just make me really nervous)
  • Age: 21-37  
  • Type: Snail Mail, Cultural Exchange, Package Pals (Wont be able to do that one till after july :C )

Contact info:

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