My names Steven.

I’m 23 from Long Island New York, USA.

I read, write and drink.
Horror movies and Adventure Time.
Tattoos,Piercing,Science Fiction, flowers and trees, skinny dipping and being naked, wines and vinyl,
Tim burton, Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick Films. Any with Bill murray, Johnny depp or Vincent price 
psychedelics (especially DMT), space and the human mind fascinate me, and i have a great thirst for knowledge and always expanding my book collection. 

I am looking for someone who really wants to learn about someone new and become close friends over time and build a friendship over trust and non judgments but view the conversations with an open mind and are able to hold intelligent deep conversations that gradually get deeper and more open until we are naked discussing things about ourselves and important topics that both interest us but we want to share in others options on the topics. but also things about how your day was as well before we jump into topics about favorite trees or horror movies or just how vastly large the cosmos are. 

Open to webcam and Skype as well, and maybe an art collaboration. Prefer females close in age. 

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