Hi !

So I’m not especially looking for a penpal, but i have a project, and i need some help !

My name’s Marine, 19 Y.O, French . I’m a young student artist who love to working on Animation short film. I wanna do my studies on it but I learn how to use my softwares (and ever do a animation short film).

I’m looking for a composer, or a creator of unusual music ! I’m waiting for your offer ! I want to be a part of a Festival (for next yeart) , so if you wanna try to make a name of yourself with me, if you’re motivate, and if you want to be a part of a wonderful and great adventure, feel free to contact me ! 

Join me on http://marincsunivers.tumblr.com/

Or by Mail : ducc.marinc@hotmail.fr

Or on Skype : Marine Strife

Or on Twitter : @PtiteMarinc

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