Name: Rachael 

Location: California, USA

Age: 20

Info: I’m very easy going. I love new things I love old things. I have many interests and things I enjoy, Favorite movie is nightmare before christmas (lowkey wanna be a claymation animator) Obsessed with anything and everything Harry Potter. I become too emotionally attatched to fictional characters and find that I like them more than most people in my life at the moment (I’m going through a real rough patch right now). TV shows and movies make me so happy (GoT, Penny Dreadful, American Horror Story, Superwholock, OITNB, Friends, Scubs, anything disney, anything Tim Burton, anything Johnny Depp so much more) all music is wonderful. I really wanna exchange bands and music and books and comics and have fun and make a friend or friends. 

Looking For: A friend, someone I can talk to about my week and funny things and just randomness. But also someone who can talk about deep stuff and not judge and just be cool about things. Any gender or sexuality is wonderful! Hope to hear from some of you beautiful people!! xoxo

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