On Holiday, Bit Bored, Nothing Better to do….


Hello Chaps! I am a 20 year old guy living in London. I go to university and I’m on holiday right now. 

I have loads of interests, mainly concerning books and stuff. I read thrillers, some fantasy and a lot of scifi. 

Films too (I tend to go with Marvel or DC films or anything remotely spylike, otherwise I dont bother). 

Series arent my thing except probably Dr Who and whatever else BBC decides to churn out. I do like a bit of comedy, providing its not full of randomness. 

Perfect pal: Anyone, but just dont be positively ancient or spectacularly young. And someone who I can keep in touch with for a sustained period of time. 

Girls/boys whoever, just contact me. I’m a little bit picky but I will try and reply to everyone who answers. 

I dont like tumblr, so I dont have one, but I have other stuff. 

Email me and I’ll share other ways of talking: thecircus94 @ gmail.com


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