Hi guys! I already found some lovely penpals but I would love to get to know more people! 

I’m Esa, 23, female, from Germany and am looking for someone in my age range, female, country doesn’t matter. I’m looking for email buddies and pen pals but would like to get to know you better via email before I give out my address. Later on we can also exchange packages!

It would be nice if I can find someone who is dedicated to our pen palship and with whom I can talk about more private matters, as well. So even if we don’t share any hobbies but you’re looking for someone with whom you can write regulary and seriously, I’m your woman!

Likes: I love watching TV series, my favourites are Elementary, Agent Carter, Hannibal and HTGAW (although I’m not that far in, yet), Harry Potter (seriously I love talking about HP, headcanons, ships, etc and I can get really invested in discussions about this universe), Yoga, Geocaching, making and listening to music, reading and having good conversations with people.
Dislikes: bigoted people, sexism, homophobia, racism.
Fun Fact: When I was a child and before I understood the concept of exchanging money for goods I used to “nick” chewing gum from our local store.

If you are interested, please contact me at elphabanana @ gmx. de

I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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