Name: Izabela
Age: 17
Country: Romania
Gender: Female
Languages: English, Romanian, basic French, basic Japanese, willing to learn many others!
Interests/Hobbies: art (visual art, literature, film, music, everything), comics, porcelain and ball jointed dolls, adventures, anime
Personal message: Hi, I’m Iza! I love drawing and painting (I can’t really do anything else) and I dream of becoming a real artist.

I think every person can be extremely interesting and I enjoy observing humans. Sometimes I simply want to find out more about them but in real life I’m way too shy…I didn’t have a penpal since I was little and I’d really love to have one or more! I’d love to do art swaps!

Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Any!
Gender: Any!
Age group: Any!
Languages: English, French, Japanese, Romanian
Email, snail mail or both: Snail mail
Anything else: I might seem weird and creepy sometimes but really, I’m not! :/ Or am I? Wait, is it a bad thing?

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