Awkward Female


Uhh hello. My name is Eden, and I have no idea what to say here cause I’m just an awkward 18 year old female specimen that lives in Canada.

I enjoy listening to music, watching shows, reading.. that’s about it really, my hobbies aren’t too interesting. If you have any suggestions for hobbies for me, please let me know, cause my daily life is a little too boring for my liking!

I’m horrible with talking to people in real life, but perfectly fine over the Internet. I suppose cause you’re not staring into my soul through the web.. hopefully.

I had a dream last night that my mom put my ice cream cake in the oven, and I spent the whole dream trying to find her to stop the madness. I think that dream pretty much sums up my random personality.

That’s it from me, now let’s hear from you! Wow, what a horrible transition. If you’re brave, you can email me at:

Hope to hear from you. Have a lovely day.  

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