Hi, I´m Ama. I´m 17

(soon 18)

years old and live in Norway.

I´m looking for female pen pals around the same age as me from anywhere in the world.  I would prefer snail mail and like, exchange letters, photos and drawings. I´m looking for a friend, someone to open up to and get to know and share your thoughts with. You know, real friendship. 

I like to read, write poetry and stories (my dream is to become an author) and I like to draw. I listen to a lot of indie music, it makes me feel calm and in balance. I study theatre. I have two small tattoos. I really like deep and personal conversations. I love dogs and animals and plants and trees. Hugging trees makes me calm. I´m very open-minded and believes in a lot of different stuff and thinks the universe is the weirdest, raddest thing ever. I´m a feminist, bisexual and poly. I´m an ENFP. I´ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a while, but is now better than ever. Someday I want to travel the world. 

I´m not interested if you are homophobic, racist or you know, a shitty human being. 

My tumblr is and you can message me here. 

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