Hello! My name is Brett. I am 20 years old (almost 21), I’m from Southwest Louisiana, USA. I am a freelance photographer, makeup artist, crafter, and just recently became a wife!


  • Disney
  • The Office
  • Mountains
  • Trees
  • B&W Photographs
  • Eye Shadow
  • Action movies

    My Dislikes consists mostly of just rude people or people who put me down for what I believe in. Please know, I am a 100% Firm Christian Follower of Jesus Christ. If you are not, that is you. I do not put others down for what they believe. 

    I am looking for female snail mail pals from all around the world who will write back very often. I would love to do some culture exchange, art exchange, and maybe a package exchange if anyone is up for it.

    I just want to get to know people and make new friends! I love talking to people about the good and bad things, and I really love getting to know peoples personalities through something off the internet. 

    Fun Fact: I will be heading to Disney World this summer!

    Contact: brettamitchell.tumblr.com

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