Hey! I’m Georgia, I’m 18 and I live in the North East of England.
I’m looking for a penpal who lives anywhere, whether that’s another country or even the same country!I really wanna try snail mail, this is the first time I’ve tried getting a penpal and I’m actually really excited about it because I love sending and receiving letters. 
Some of my interests include reading, drawing, days out, music and Netflix. 
I study Graphic Design at college at the moment but I’m off to Uni in September.
I’d like to be able to exchange small packages and letters!if that’s pages from books, stickers, pens/pencils, tea bags. All things sound good. 
I’m super super super excited about this and if you’d rather we got to know eachother online then that’s cool too.

If you wanna contact me then there’s my tumblr –
or my email-

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