Hei moi terve!

I’m Kati, 20, and I’m from northern country called Finland. I really like getting to know new people so I decided to try my luck and find some new friends and penpals!

I like so many things that it would take me hours to write the list but in nutshell my past time involves reading fantasy books, watching horror movies, tv series called Supernatural, Orange is the new black and so many others, anime/manga, tea, nature, historical tragedies, superstition things, trivias, somewhat exercising and sports, art, writing letters and blogging of course.

At the moment my top three things in music are Studio Killers, Marina and the diamonds and epic instrumental trailer music/osts.

And things that I’m not good at or really hate are math, going to dentist, PEA SOUP and waking up early.

To this point in my live I have visited in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, France and UK. I hope I’ll get a change to visit as many countries as possible in my life since I love different cultures and traveling. 

My personality type is INFP.

For pen pal I would love to have someone around my age, a friend with whom I can share both sad and funny times in life, exchange packages and gifts, do and share things what pen pals do! No matter what gender, sexuality or country you represent as long as we can get along ~


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