Hello, My name is Mandi and I’m 19 from Southern California, USA. I am in college but my life is kind of crazy so not sure if I’ll be continuing college, going to Beauty school, or just getting a job. I love all things Disney but Alice in Wonderland is my favorite. I love both the 1951 film and the original books by Lewis Carroll. 

Here’s some things I like:

  • Doctor Who
  • Face Off
  • Art
  • Makeup and Hair
  • All kinds of music
  • Action, Comedy, Mystery, and Musical films (personally can’t stand romance films but will sit and once some with my friends since they enjoy them)
  • Big fan of Halloween type stuff
  • DC comics but I like the Marvel cinematic universe
  • Cosplay

I don’t have too many dislikes except for people who only care about themselves and their opinions and will attack others who disagree with them.

I feel I need to mention I am Goth and I am Christian but I do not push my beliefs on others. I grew up around many different cultures and as such respect other’s rights to have their own views and opinions of the world. 

I am looking for just someone to make friends with and talk with. I love to get to talking with new people and learning from others. I would like to exchange emails, have skype movie nights, and just plain have people to talk to. Exchanging art is something I would be interested in, too (I prefer to sketch than to do digital art, personally, but think digital art is super cool!) I would prefer to have a pen pal around my age and gender really doesn’t matter. Snail mail, email, or skype is all fine with me! 🙂 Doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from, either, since I love learning about different cultures!

Random Fact:

  • I have an antique tea cup collection. 🙂

Feel free to contact me via Tumblr:
Or my email (amandapedrow @ yahoo. com) 

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