Hi guys! My name is Shadey, and I’m from Indiana, U.S. 

I’m seeking a pen pal, doesn’t matter whether they’re from the U.S. or another country, I just prefer snail mail. I want someone around my age (I’m 21), a female, and someone who I can exchange letters with as frequently as weekly, and send cute little care packages to each other, and other adorable little pen pal things! Haha. 

A few fun facts about me,
let’s see. I read all the time, most definitely a bibliophile. I love watching TV series (Netflix is my life), but I can never just watch one at a time. At the moment I’m watching Scandal, OITNB, and Grey’s Anatomy (even though it’s been ruined for me here of late, since I’m only in the third season). I’m a Virgo. I’m addicted to coffee. I’m obsessed with anything Disney. I have an ENFP personality. I love social media. I love anything vintage. Snail mail/postcards and disposable cameras are my obsession. I literally take pictures of everything.

If you’re interested in being pen pals, you can contact me at my tumblr,
shadey.cole @ yahoo. com

Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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