Aloha my name is Zahra!
I am 16 turning 83 
I’m from Australia the great down under
And I love a whole lot of things but my favourites would be singing, drama, drawing, playing piano, learning languages (currently learning Italian!), reading, petting cute things, going for strolls around my neighborhood, orange juice, sunsets and good music. 

My perfect pen pal would probably be around my age – 15 – 21?? And I’m pretty cool with both genders, just as long as we **click**, and you have to be open-minded and groovy and ready for anything ~ things could get heccas 

My tumblr is fortune-of-the-rabbit.tumblr.com 

I would very much prefer snail mail, as I want to send you weird things that I find throughout my day, and I want to cover these letters with literally whatever I find and make you smile because of my originality ~~~ I’ve been wanting to do this for a long long time and having a pen pal is my dream 

So please, if you would like to receive crazy ass letters that may or may not be filled with random objects and drawings and long letters about my day then hit me up with a beep boop message and we will correspond

Also I speak English and am learning Italian so if you are a fluent Italian speaker or you are learning Italian also that would be amazing, because I could practice my shizaz and you could tell me if it doesn’t make sense 

Okey, thankyou for your time, looking forward to licking an envelope to send to one of you 🙂

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