Hello Everyone! I’m Taylor and I’m from a small town in Mississippi, USA. I’m 19 and in college as a psychology major. 

I absolutely adore the color blue. I find fire mesmerizing, to the point where some people refer to me as a pyromaniac. I absolutely love anything Alice In Wonderland. I also think dragons are pretty cool.

Just a few more things I enjoy:

  • Dragons are pretty spiffy
  • I play various playstation games- but none will amount to Skyrim
  • Marvel and DC comics
  • Though I am nowhere near pro, I really enjoy photography
  • All animals and the outdoors (hammocks, camping, etc.)
  • Disney movies molded my life probably
  • Tv shows: The 100, Supernatural, Hannibal, Dexter, Arrow, 12 Monkeys, Daredevil, Flash
  • I also enjoy reading when I have time. I love Edgar Allen Po and the Grimm Brothers Fairytales. 

I don’y have many dislikes. Though I despise it whenever someone will intentionally hurt others around them. 

I really don’t have any requirements for a penpal. I would prefer someone around my age, gender doesn’t matter. I’m fine with email and snail mail seems pretty fun as well. I love learning about new cultures. I’m also open to exchanging art (though most all of what I can do is photography and cartoon sketches). I’m also open to skype.

Feel free to contact me through my tumblr:

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