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Hi I’m Josie,

I’m 17, turning 18 (i’m so short I look 12 though) I live in a small, coastal town in South Africa. 

I’m a colourful, creative person that loves to make people laugh. I like to think that I live a very carefree life. Not carefree in the sense that my reply to everything is “YOLO”. Carefree as in not minding what people have to say about me because I’m happy with myself and inner happiness the first thing I value. 

’m on the search for an email buddy so i can keep in touch faster and more current. I’m leaving home soon so i’d like to share all my plans and experiences with someone. But most of all, i’d love to make a new friend that can teach me about their culture, family, plans, hopes and dreams. I’d like to be the person they turn to for advice! (im a great listener & advice giver) XD

Preferably someone around my age and not someone who lives in South Africa. 

Inbox me, Josie xoxo

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