hey pals!

Kylee, 15, USA (in the pacific north west), English speaking

email: Kylee2027@yahoo.com

tumblr url: eggogh.tumblr.com

My favorite books are anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Harry Potter series, and poetry from Walt Whitman or William Wordsworth. My favorite films are Juno, American beauty, The breakfast club, Sixteen candles, Heathers, and electrick children.

Some bands i like are the 1975, the strokes, the ramones, led zeppelin, the kooks, death cab for cutie, the white strips, the orwells, bright eyes, pixies, the beach boys, bleeding knees club, animals, the black keys, the doors, morrissey, buddy holly, and blink 182 (although they did influence a lot of modern day pop punk and we all know how that turned out)

i love art (both creating and admiring) my favorite artist is alyssa monks and about 2,000 other people. 

i love animals! i have 7 dogs, 5 horses, three rabbits, ducks/chickens/quail, and like a cat i think.

i don’t care what you’re like as long as we can have meaningless long conversations and are able to receive and send cute gifts and letters.

you can kik me (Daisy2027)

or message me through email or my tumblr inbox!


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