Pen Pal Wanted!


Heyy, my name is hannah  Elizabeth Iely. I am 17 years old and i live
in Avolon new jersey. I love to drawl, cook, dance, sing, play the
piano, and look at the night sky. I  dont love school but i dont hate
it. I  speak english only, but i want to learn french and italian. I
wouldnt mind learning german iether. I  love sending letters and
beeing creative. I am looking for penpals-friends that are
understanding. i have been threw alot in the last coup.le of months.
my aunt died about 5  months ago, we were really close. then, my best
friend kayden died 2 months ago, my boyfriend was in a car accident
almost 4 weeks ago and he left us about 2 weeks ago and my little
sister was diagnosed with cancer  2 years ago and left us 4  days ago.
so much has happened and everyone is so busy i dont have anyone to
talk to. send me a email or a message please. i dont mean to sound
desprit, but who am i kidding? i am really desprit.

My contact imformation is down below.

twitter- callie kitten
I  will give you my address when you email me.

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