Name: Kierstyn
Age: 19
Location: USA
Contact: writingforrainydays
About me: I love to read, write, sing, listen to music, and I’m a total sucker for “hippie” things (crystals, gems, little potted plants, etc.).
Favourite books/films/tv shows: A few of my favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn Trilogy, The Book Thief, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and A Farewell to Arms. I really enjoy classic Hollywood films (my favorite being Breakfast at Tiffany’s), but I’m totally obsessed with the Marvel universe. I also like to find indie films. Those are pretty different. My favorite tv shows are Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars, Pushing Daisies, and Parks&Rec.
What would you like to send/receive? I’d love to write letters, and maybe send little packages/gifts when I can afford them.
Who would you like to send and receive mail from? I’m open to anyone between the ages of 18-24.
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to? I’m pretty poor at the moment, so within the US would be ideal for snail mail. I’m willing to email anyone, though! I love learning about new things, and about people’s lives, so I’d love to talk to you(:

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