Oh! Hi there~


You can call me Tea, of course it’s an alias, I won’t put my actual name out for obvious reasons. I’m a 19 year old girl from the USA. I live in CST (Central Standard Time UTC -6) I’m not in college at the moment so I’m free often. 🙂

I have a lot of interests but I’ll whittle things down to just Anime, Manga and Writing. I’m really shy but I’m up for making friends! 

What I’m looking for in a pen-pal is someone close to my age and is preferably a girl, I’m more comfortable with talking to girls. I’m looking for someone who I can become close with and maybe visit one day~

Unfortunately, I only speak in English. 
(Sorry, no photo, tumblr is being an ass.)

If you like everything you’ve read, here’s how you can contact me~
Tumblr: starry-kanzashi
Email: galaxy.maiden.tea @gmail.com
I have other forms of communication, feel free to ask~

Have a good day and I hope I get to hear from you!

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