Hey!! So I’m looking for more pen pals ( obviously) 

I love snail mailing, so that’s more or less what I prefer, I get pretty creative ( just a warning ) 

About me you ask? well….

Name: Bea 

Age: 17 

Gender: Female ( duh ) 

Country: South Africa.

Religion/belief/faith: Christian.

Things I do weekly: write letters, feed my animals, read books, take weird pictures, shower ( sometimes ), drink milk, listen to music, practise violin, bite my lower lip, pray, text, drink earl grey tea, make strong coffee, walk with my dogs, threaten to ignore my hair for a year, wish I had a more exciting life. 

Yeah so! if you’d like to be my pen pal, please let me know! I don’t mind sending the first letter at all! 

prefered age would be 16-25. so yeah! 

oh, and if you just scroll on and ignore this, it’s chilled… at least smile while you’re at it 😛

– potential pen pal.


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